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Today is Net Neutrality Day 7/12/17


Likely everyone already knows this is not to be taken lightly and how important this is to us all right now – the consumers and many businesses. Rather than my rehashing all of what that means here, I urge you to please take a moment and send in your support of our Internet.

Here is a shortcut to help you take action:

Let’s do this! Thank you for reading.

FYI re: vanilla folders site (updated 12/26)


Just a note to let you know I’m in the process of transferring my domain to another provider! Based on the way things are currently set up, I believe my blog (which is hosted at wordpress at should not be affected during the transition. So please be advised if you do experience any errors when visiting my site domain directly during this time, all should be sorted out as soon as the transfer is complete. 🙂

12/26 Update: site migration is complete – situation normal again. Yay!