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Today is Net Neutrality Day 7/12/17


Likely everyone already knows this is not to be taken lightly and how important this is to us all right now – the consumers and many businesses. Rather than my rehashing all of what that means here, I urge you to please take a moment and send in your support of our Internet.

Here is a shortcut to help you take action:

Let’s do this! Thank you for reading.

Mid-year in my Mini Filofax planner


It’s hard to believe  the last time I posted snaps of my beloved Mini Filofax, I hadn’t even gotten to the first planner page of my own handmade inserts. It’s important to me to have at least one picture of our own inserts on this blog! So here’s another messy view of my mini hard at work. This time, with first-ever-on-this-blog photo of the inserts made by me and my husband.  We started making them at the end of 2016. I was so proud and excited to finally flip over to the first week in my 2017 planner! And now it’s July… already! I should hurry up and finish posting this before July is over.

mini weekly july 2017 our inserts

last week of June 2017

mini monthly - june 2017 our inserts for blog

June 2017

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