How I migrated to my mini (filofax)


Through the years, I’ve used all the Filofax sizes (well, almost – I tend to forget about the A4 and the M2 which I’ve never seen, much less used). I go with the flow of my life and use what works at a certain time. I have always had a mini or a pocket size in my purse even if they weren’t serving as the main planner at that time.

Up until last summer, I was using a personal size as my main planner for about 2 steady years. Then with a few adjustments in my life, I felt it was time to downsize to a pocket for daily use and to have my planner with me at all times in my purse (the personal size stayed at home most often). I used the pocket for a short while as my main planner, and then realized that for the amount I was actually writing per page in the pocket size, I could actually get by with the mini. I loved this idea because even with the pocket size, when I would occasionally use a tiny purse for going out somewhere I would usually leave the pocket at home (too large) and pop a mini in my tiny purse so that I would have pen and paper with me. Migrating to the mini full-time would immediately allow me to always have my planner with me.

So, I switched happily to the mini and it’s been going very well for over half a year now. I have a few I rotate between depending upon my mood or seasons, etc. A few times in these months, I thought I might need the larger pocket size and made plans to swap up, but each time I’ve returned to my senses and stayed with the mini.IMG-20130217-00378


The pocket size is really large to me now. And the personal size is a behemoth. I’ve also shifted down down from an A5 at work to a personal size. The reason for this is I’ve become very aware of the sheets on which I write. I adore the A5 page size, as well as the pocket page size, but the bottom line is I realized that I wasn’t filling up those page sizes consistently. So I figured it would be efficient and comfortable for me to use a smaller page size and of course if I start to overflow those I would simply up-size again.

Mini pages are soooo tiny but I am able to make very full lists and notes on them. I have a few minis that are in use right now, more on that in another post.

Thank you for reading : )


my mini – jan 2013 ❤

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    • Hi! I think it only makes sense to downsize if you like the options. I am quite fond of all the Filo sizes I’ve ever used and right now I’m just very into the mini. Thank you for reading and your comment – I have enjoyed so many of your posts : )

  1. Wow I didn’t realise just how small the mini filofax was! You must be very neat, tidy and succinct to fit everything in there. I am big, messy and long-winded so my A5 fits me perfectly 😉

      • Well you have inspired me to be very naughty! I have been looking on the filofax uk website and seen that they have a pocket chameleon in raspberry on sale with 50% off which I could use in my bag and as a purse as it has the pockets for notes, coins and cards. I also have a 15% off anything code so it would be a complete bargain. It is currently sat in my basket while I umm and ahh over whether I should click purchase! I really like the idea of having a planner I can take everywhere but would it make me love my A5 less?
        Amanda from she’s eclectic 🙂

      • Amanda – if you choose to add the Pocket to your purse, if only to jot stuff in it on those occasions when you are away from your A5 then it shouldn’t detract from the A5. When I did the A5/pocket combo, the A5 was my full-blown personal and work planner, while the Pocket was more of mobile info/notepad/wallet. For example, it was the only place I’d write directions to someone’s house that I needed to use in the car (yes they’re in the phone also but I dislike reading a phone when driving for any reason). It was also the notepad I would grab when at a restaurant and someone had a great idea. When traveling, the Pocket would be with me full-time so it was the place I could jot down info during the trip as well, and carry cards and bits that would make their way to the A5. I did absolutely no planning in the Pocket because that was all done in the A5 – they were a team!All this enabling aside… can’t wait to hear what you decide! 🙂

  2. The filofax gods were frowning on me today. Every time I tried to check out it jumped out my cart so maybe it was not meant to be. I do like your idea of using it as a notebook to use along side the A5 though so I might try again tomorrow!

  3. I brought the pocket chameleon and I love it! It is too small to be my main planner but using in along side my A5 is working well so far. It is perfect to keep inside my bag, thanks for enabling me 😉

    • I hope you love it as a purse companion. Obviously through the many years I find mine tremendously useful and a must-have. Thanks for the update and I look forward to hearing more! 🙂

  4. Hmmmm I’m a pocket girl but I agree at times even that is too big. I might keep and eye out for a bargain mini to try (just as soon as my no spend May ends….ahem)

    • Hi, Zoe and I am so sorry I only got to your comment recently! I would love to know if you gave a mini a try. The pocket size is a wonderful planner, too – it has all the convenience of a larger size and still completely compact and perfectly portable. Thank you for reading and commenting! : )

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