What is my problem?


I see photographs of someone else’s Filofax they have been using for 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. Just that one. One Filofax. For all those years. Check it, this gorgeous hunk o’ Filofax of 24 years

I have used so many since I began. I admit with no hesitation that I like to have a few to rotate between in whatever sizes I am currently using. But I have used so many models and sizes. Therefore, I have multiples of each size!! To clarify, the only sizes I have never owned or used would be the M2 and the A4.

Like so many others, I started with the Personal size. Then one day, I saw the value to split up my heavy stuff into an A5 and take a matching Pocket version everywhere with me to bring only what I needed on the go. Easy enough. I probably need not go on into detail about the many journeys from there because we all have our own versions of this story. But the bottom line is, I love using a Filofax and I do not want to carry my office work with me everywhere I go, nor do I want my personal stuff in my office Filofax. So I am always going to be a one-life-many-Filofax kind-of-gal.

So back to the topic of this post, what is my problem? Knowing that I do need multiple binders, why can’t I just have one of each duty. Why must I have more than one Personal, Mini, Pocket, A5? Sigh.

It’s a mood thing, I guess. I get very fixed on a particular texture or look at certain times. And unfortunately, when this feeling sets in, if I’m looking at the incorrect model, I just cannot work with it.

I have invested enough time and care into collecting the best possible Filos for my needs and taste. So for now, I am housing more than one person really needs.

I have committed to finding a new and loving home for a few of them. Over the next few days (or weeks!), I will seriously evaluate if others can also have new homes. They all deserve this love and care!

If I find that someone is specifically seeking any of mine which are not in use, I will happily discuss terms.

A few I am considering to offer up (most made back in the day… very nice quality):

Personal Balmoral in a creamy shade of tan (no longer in production). These rarely show up on ebay or anywhere else for that matter and they were very expensive when in production.

A5 Topaz in brown (no longer in production).

A5 Sienna in espresso – which is a dark brown. No longer in production.

Mini Capri in blue (no longer in production). Adorable with a wrist strap!

Mini Piccadilly in blue (no longer in production).

Mini Classic (formerly named Cross) in light blue. No longer in production.

Pocket Chameleon in aqua. Brand new and unused.

So, I’m thinking aloud here before posting any of these on ebay. They are all so beautiful but it’s only fair to consider moving them on to new caring homes since one can truly only use so many at once.

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    • Hi and thank you for your comment! I will send you an email to your hotmail. I’m happy to hear you like the Sienna. I have this exact style and color in Personal as well, and I use it every day. I had purchased the A5 when I was separated from some of my Filos for a few years, but we have been reunited so now I would love for the Siena A5 to have a loving home : )


      • Thanks for the reply i have the personal one as well but i would like to have an a5 as well but they are sooooo expensive when you do manage to find one.x

  1. I would LOVE to know if you decide to sell the Capri, I’ve eyed them in black and had no idea there was a blue version, if you’re looking for a new home for it I’d love to buy it from you. My email is sarahelps [at] live.com. Thanks and I love howe your mini is set up 🙂

    • Hi, Sara! If I recall correctly, the Capri was produced in 3 colors, the third being a rather bright coral. I chose the blue because it was vivid but rich and not too bright. The Capris are lovely. I will certainly let you know as I would love for it to have a good home! I appreciate your reading and your comment. : )

  2. Hi Heather, I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it. I’m a recent Filofax convert–well actually, I used one years ago in grad school, but then gave up the habit. I took up my old personal sized (non-FF brand) binder about 2 months ago to try it out, and liked using it but decided to go to an A5 Holborn. I adore the Holborn, but I’m thinking I want to supplement it with a mini or pocket FF. Your posts have convinced me that the mini is a very viable option. That being said, I’m still interested in pocket-sized Filos.

    I don’t suppose you’ve sold off your pocket Chameleon? If not, I’d be very interested in it! Regardless–I love your blog, please keep it going!

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